Tandem Tails Brewing Company

Tandem Tails Brewing Company

Tandem Tails is a homebrewing operation out of Santa Fe, NM.

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Brew Name Type Start Date Fermentation OG Size

Completed Brews 367.5 gal

Brew Name Type Dates OG FG ABV Size
Festbier   Beer July 25, 2022 - September 15, 2022 (1 month, 21 days) 1.056 1.010 6.1% 5 gal
  Pilsner, Vienna and Melanoiden malts with Hallertau and Spalt hops. Fermenting with 34/70.
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Upcoming Brews 5 gal

These are recipes we're planning on brewing soon

Brew Name Type Size
Munich Dunkel   Beer 5 gal
  First try at a Munich Dunkel. Looking for a malty, dark lager to have on tap over the winter. Fermenting with 34/70.

Brewing by type

How many gallons we've brewed of each type

Type: Completed: Fermenting:
Beer 279.5 --
Cider 37 --
Mead 47.5 --
Wine 3.5 --
Total 367.5 0

Kegging / Bottling Pipeline

Keeping track of what I need to keg or bottle soon. This will help me decide when I can brew next!

Festbier (5 gal) - On Tap